We are a Cape Town Based pop/rock duo performing at various venues and private engagements around the Western Cape.

Murray Haysom

Murray Haysom was a key member of the well-loved Tanglewood Rock Band for 22 years. Originally called TOTS (Two Old Tarts), the name changed in 2005 to Tanglewood Rock Band and virtually became the ‘house band’ for the Lookout Deck restaurant in Hout Bay.  

In 2020 Murray joined Doppler Effect to replace founder member, Mark Badham-Thornhill who moved to the UK. Murray was the perfect fit to replace Mark. Both of these rockers were selected for the Drakensberg Boys Choir at a young age, both play acoustic guitar and harmonica, and both have performed on stage for many, many years.

Murray is a lover of the Crosby, Stills & Nash / Eagles genre, but also covers a wide range of artists and styles. 

Brian Woodland

Brian got his teeth into drumming when he found himself entertaining in the old SADF during ‘National Service’ in the late 70’s. He toured for 2 years playing for the SADF, until hanging up his army boots and getting into top local bands around Cape Town over the following decades. Brian is a capable musician performing rock, pop, reggae, swing, jazz and country & western musical styles. Always ready to laugh, he always sees the funny side of a missed beat or badly timed drum fill.

Mark Badham-Thornhill (honorary member)

Selected for the Drakensberg Boys Choir at a young age, Mark went on to carve a niche for himself by winning the ‘Shell Road To Fame’ talent competition, and more recently, winning the Bothers Music ‘Forever Young’ music competition. Besides being a co-founder of the Doppler Effect duo, Mark performed as a solo artist, as well as in a duo, and in the Wroxeter acoustic rock band. He excels in singing classic acoustic rock numbers, and is the guy you want around the campfire on warm summer nights. In 2020, Mark moved to the UK, but he remains an honorary Doppler member. Mark will be performing in and around London from October 2020.