Upington Agri Expo 2018

Jeez…, it’s been a year since we were last in Upington and here we were, once again, with Die Vryburgers of Upington at their annual Pub and Grub venue at the Upington Showgrounds.  We were sponsored by Specsavers Upington and our accommodation was sponsored by the best guesthouse in the Northern Cape, Brown’s Manor. (They also had Robbie Wessels staying over. Robbie was another of the big name performers lined up for the show.)

There can be no doubt that Upington hospitality is like nothing you’ve experienced. At every turn, we had warmth and friendliness from all. The bar kept sending up Jagermeisters, and our food was prioritized for the music breaks. 

..’ just gotta give a big shout out to Willem (who hired us), HP (harry potter)  and the rest of the Vryburgers for the really good community work that they do in Upington. It was a pleasure and a real privilege to spend 3 nights with these guys.  Also thank you to Philip Moolman, one of the the main arena performers from Jo’burg, who spent time at our gig and came across to compliment our repertoire. 

As always, Upington was a great and warm experience…, and as always, we must start planning what we new stuff are we going to bring to the show next year.  

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