Rocking on 1854’s new stage

Our second time on 1854’s new stage in Greyton. This venue has grown into one of Greyton’s main attractions, with live entertainment every Saturday night. The larger stage is certainly sending a signal to the Overberg region that 1854 Resturant is here to stay.

Our gig was awwwe….some! Mark absolutely owned Michael Buble’s ‘Home’, and the Radar Love drumming and drum solo was on the money! 1854 owner, Mornay Van Oudtshoorn gave a brilliant rendition of ‘Sal Jy Bly?’ (a Theuns Jordaan hit), as well as doing the Neil Diamond medley with Mark.

The next morning after the first gig on the new stage, (and the dust from the night before,) 1854 booked us for four performances over the rest of the year. You can catch us there again soon. ‘Always a pleasure rocking at 1854!!

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