Tanglewood Rock Band

So, now that Doppler Effect is almost a sub-set of Tanglewood Rock Band, it’s time to share the love.

Tanglewood Rock Band started in 1998 with Don Ball and Murray Haysom. The band has grown over the past 22 years and along the way has collected some truly great musicians. Besides the core duo of Don & Murray, the line up includes guitar master Jock de Coito and local legend bass player, Reggie Edwards. Rounding things off on keys is Dave Richards, another very well known Cape Town muso with a local musical pedigree that is scared of nothing. With 4-part vocal harmonies that send shivers down your spine, Tanglewood has been wowing fans at The Lookout Deck, Hout Bay for some 12 years until Covid-19 hit the scene. The band is also a crowd-puller at The Range, Tokai over the years.

So, if you’re looking for something special and you’ve got space for a 6-piece band, you will be enthralled by Tanglewood Rock Band.

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