Elgin Vintners is the best…

We had an awesome afternoon at the Tasting Room at Elgin Vintners today. The weather was threatening, but it held back from when we arrived, and the rain let go just after we packed down to head home.

Besides singing along, we had a ‘first’ when the audience all snapped their fingers in time to a jazzy Micheal Buble’ number. I’ve never seen this before…, what a jol!

The wines at Elgin Vintners are really friggin good and well worth trying. Seriously. There is also craft beer and wood-fired pizza to be had.

A special bonus was the Bokke beating NZ in a nail-biting game.

A big shout out to Hein, who manages the Tasting Room (and is a muso himself), and to Helgaardt De Vries, who joined Doppler Effect for the day to help with the gear.

We’ll be baaaaaack…..!

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