International Corporate Event – Two Oceans Aquarium

We were booked to be part of a corporate event which celebrated the merger of two international corporations. One from Germany, and the other from South-East Asia. Cape Town was the chosen city and the I& J room at the Two Oceans Aquarium was the venue. Great to do a ‘white-glove’ gig where a separately contracted sound & lighting company did all the hard work. 

The Germans loved our name, Doppler Effect, because of the German affinity to  Austrian physicist Christian Doppler, who first described the ‘doppler effect’ phenomenon in 1842.

We were billed to play from around 8pm, so we set up hours before and went for a beer at Quay Four nearby, only to get a frantic call to say that arrangements had been messed up and we were needed immediately. So, we had to run from Quay Four to almost collapse on to the stage, out of breath, and start playing. Huge stress at the time, but immensely funny to look back on.       

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