Die Vryburger – Upington Agri Expo, May 2017

Without a doubt, our best adventure as a band was to play at ‘ Die Vryburger’, at the 2017 Agri Expo in Upington in for three nights in May. It was one helluva drive from Cape Town; around 1,000 kilometers, but every kilometer was an experience.

Of course, the hospitality of Upington was mind-blowing. Everyone we met was super-friendly and helpful way beyond the call of duty. We were really made to feel like ‘part of the family’ from the moment we arrived until we left four days later. There was always a Jagermeister headed in our direction, and the food was way better than big city food. The meat was Superb!! Serious export quality steaks were the norm.

The Vryburger’s people are a really great bunch. Very much like Round Table/Rotary, but with a down-to-earth Afrikaans flavor. They made us feel so at home…    Of course, no security was required at the gig; those Upington guys are all huge and no one causes trouble because an Upington snotklap settles everything in a split second. 

If there’s any gig we would like to do again next year, it must surely be to play again at the Vryburger’s Pub & Restaurant for the 2018 Agri Expo. We will even learn some Kurt Darren and Bok van Blerk numbers to surpise them that ‘Souties’ can sing ‘in die moeder-taal’.

Of course, a big shout out to SpecSavers Upington and Brown’s Manor who sponsored Die Vryburger’s fundraising for three days.  


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