Al’s Place – 29 September 2018

Saturday night at Al’s Place on Station Road, Rondebosch was a real rocker. This is a great owner run & managed restaurant with Alan Tavares at the helm and it enjoys a loyal following of regulars built up over the years. Every so often Al has a ‘music night’ and this time it was Doppler Effect on stage. 

Well, we had a really great evening. We were under pressure from the boss  to get the people dancing, and dance they did!  We had difficulty ending the gig as the patrons wouldn’t let us leave. 

Besides being supported by Al’s ‘regulars’, it was great to see so many new and old friends at the gig. The Delbridge clan, (Ashleigh, Michael, Mark & Colleen) as well as the rest of the Meadowridge Tennis Club (Nils Nyback & Co.) Not to forget Di MacDonald (Standard Bank) as well as the Pengelly crowd. (Pengelly Motors). Last, but by no means least, were Sydney & Jane Cohen and Mike Chong (Karate-Do International). Great to be able to play to all of you.   

A great venue, and we will be back on the 13th November for a follow-up booking.

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