Root 44 – 6 January 2019

What a great gig at Root44 in Stellenbosch today.  We played as part of the Wroxeter Band (our other band – a 4-piece Southern Rock outfit.) The place was heaving, and the crowd was great. They even took our quip about writing requests onto R50 notes seriously and kept sending requests to the stage, literally written on R100 notes. We played songs today that we’ve never played before as a band. Huge thanks to the crowd, all the way up to Granny Albertyn? who is 98 years old and partied until our time ran out. We are really looking forward to playing at Root44 again soon. … but in the meantime…, back to school/work/university etc for you all now. Have an awesome 2019, and next time you’re at Wroxeter gig.., come up to the stage and say hi! See y’all soon…. 

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