Sir Thomas Sunset Market – 1st Feb, 2019

First time for us at the Sir Thomas Brewery site on the Summerhill Farm just outside of Stellenbosch. The Brewery has been attracting beer lovers for about a year now, and has also built a reputation for hosting quality live music acts. On Friday they had their first ‘Sunset Market’, with a collection of market traders on the lawns outside of the brewery, and a great band. Us!

Yes, Doppler Effect was the first band/act to do a Sir Thomas Sunset Market – Yay!! We had a great time, drank great artisan beer, and there were lots of eats. (And we took a booking to do a wedding. 🙂 )

Here’s a pic of the Doppler Effect Review Panel. These lovely ladies keep us on our toes and tell us when we’re to loud, or too soft…, and they carry a stock of business cards which are always in demand.

If you’re around Stellenbosch on a Friday afternoon, pop into the Sir Thomas Brewery for a chilled afternoon (until 9) to relax into the weekend. Highly recommended by us!!

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